Pure jewels xtreme diamond game type has beautiful and beautiful colors. Diamonds are ready to give gamers an unexpected surprise. Novomatic developed a diamond game in which each color assigns a different value to each symbol. 12 wins are ready to give gamers an easy win.

Has 5 game reels on symbols which in the Pure Jewels Xtreme game will give a winning value of 12 wins. A win that can be obtained with a combination symbol. To get to know the symbols, gamers can press game info. In the info, gamers can find the colors of diamonds and the number of symbols that gamers must get in order to win.

Game symbols and scores

There is also a formula for being able to win in the Pure Jewels Xtreme game. Each diamond has a different shape and will show the following values ​​and symbols: Nsec-88

– A light blue diamond with a number of symbols 3, 4, and 5 will give a value of 60, 200, and 2000

– The purple and blue gems are the second square of symbols that have the same value as sum3, 4, and 5 : 20, 80, and 400

– Irregular green and blue stones to 2 equal marks 3, 4, and5 : 40, 150, and 600

– Yellow and orange stones also value 3, 4, and 5 : 10, 50, and 200

– Wild [a yellow asterisk] replaces all symbols.

– Scatter comes from the blue star shape which is only present on 2, 3, and 4 spins. Getting 3 scatters gamers will get a bonus feature in the pure jewels xtreme game.

– The direction of victory that gamers will get from horizontal and diagonal.

Of every symbol that is ready to give you an unexpected victory. When gamers get the bonus feature the screen will be filled with wild symbols. A full wild will make gamers win.

12 diamond wins//jewels


Getting 3 scatters will make gamers get double the value 3 times. Multiple values ​​ready to give you unexpected value. During the feature round, the screen will enlarge so that you can see all the symbols on Pure Jewels Xtreme. Which wild will continue to be present to accompany you to give coins and replace all symbols.

Of course you will be curious about the pure jewels xtreme game. Games that have lots of diamonds of different colors can give you an unexpected win. In the game you will see many buttons that you can use in the game. One of these buttons can make you play without having to press the start button.

Auto game

Yes game auto game. The type of game where the screen will rotate by itself without having to be pressed. You just need to wait patiently and enjoy the winning results from Pure Jewels Xtreme. To play this pure jewels xtreme game, you don’t have to go far. Because the novomatic team makes games that can be played or opened with a browser.

It’s easy, don’t want to play, you don’t have to go far because it can be played using a browser. Can use a smartphone with an Android IOS device to play the Pure Jewels Xtreme game. So gamers can choose the type of device they want without having to use a large device. Win easily and get the win.