Syawalan is the last day of Eid al-Fitr. Some places, of course, celebrate Shawwal in different ways. There are those who gather with their families or there are those who go around to their relatives’ houses while shopping. But what happens when you celebrate Shawwal in Pekalongan?

Yes, Pekalongan is a city known for its beautiful hand-drawn batik and its beautiful motifs. Pekalongan is also a city full of culture and some interesting stories in each place and region. Syawalan in Pekalongan will certainly have its own unforgettable story.

Event for giant lopis

Nsec-88 – How come ? in Pekalongan we can see a big event that only exists on the day of Shawwal, namely giant lopis. The event which is only held for a week every year has succeeded in making many people flock to see the ritual event of the giant lopis. Not only the local community who came to see the giant lopis but from various regions also saw the giant lopis.

Giant lopis made by many residents from krapyak. Not only are there giant lopis that we can see but there are also some people who take advantage of selling lopis. Lopis which is the hallmark of syawalan where we can eat lopis which is sprinkled with coconut and sprinkled with sweet grass jelly. You can also eat lopis with a sprinkling of coconut too.

The event that Pekalongan residents have been waiting for//lopis

Cakes made by krapyak people

This very thick tradition is held every Eid al-Fitr after 7 days of Shawwal. The event venue is always held in the Krapyak area in the North Pekalongan sub-district. Every day syawalan, the people of Krapyak always hold a giant lopis event. When the Covic 19 happened, this syawalan event had stopped for 2 years.

Considering the hecticness of this giant lopis event, it is not allowed to hold the Shawwal event. So that the residents can only make lopis by eating themselves or selling them around the highway. Along the way to Krapyak or to the jetayu field you will find some lopis sellers.

ask permission from the mayor

After 2 years there was no syawalan event, namely giant lopis in Pekalongan. Finally, in 2022, the Shawwalan event in Pekalongan was held again with a giant lopis and also a flying balloon event. To be able to realize this syawalan event, residents must obtain permission from the mayor of Pekalongan.

The permit was apparently approved by the mayor of Pekalongan, H.A. AFZAN ARSLAN DJUNAID, SE. or commonly known as Aaf. With the approval of the mayor, the residents were happy and held a syawalan event quite lively and the beautiful balloon event could be witnessed by many people. This giant lopis event also has several entertainment stages such as singers and also the biggest event, namely the cutting of giant lopis which is distributed free of charge.

a long process and can be obtained at any time along the way to krapyak

If anyone doesn’t get giant lopis or wants to taste lopis but can’t? No need to worry because along the way there will be lots of lopis sellers that you can find. The size of the giant lopis held is one point six meters and one meter in diameter. This rounded shape with a length of approximately 250 cm has a weight that ranges from two thousand three hundred kilograms.

To be able to make giant lopis delicious and ripe it takes about 5 days. In the manufacturing process is divided into 2 parts. So that both can be cooked thoroughly on the day of the event.